CSA Summit @ Infosecurity Europe 2017

Securing the Converged Cloud

Today, cloud represents the central IT system by which organizations will transform themselves over the coming years. As cloud represents the future of an agile enterprise, new technology trends, such as Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, and container technologies extend the benefits of cloud – but also creates new attack vectors for ambitious and resourceful adversaries. This year’s Cloud Security Alliance Summit welcomes world leading security experts and cloud providers to discuss global governance, the latest trends in technology, the threat landscape, security innovations, best practices and global governance in order to help organizations address the new frontiers in cloud security.

Featured CSA Sessions

Looking for additional Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) content following the summit on 5-June? Join Daniele Catteddu CTO of the CSA for his keynote session 7-June from 15:45 – 16:35 during the main Infosecurity conference program.

Securing Cloud 4.0: New Approaches to Protect Data in the Cloud

With the arrival of Office 365, increased automation and regulatory pressures, in particular EU GDPR, protecting your organisation’s data in the cloud continues to be a big challenge. At the same time, the cloud is seen by many to offer security advantages as a trusted platform leading to increased adoption.

This panel will provide actionable insight into how to protect and gain visibility of an organisation’s data in the cloud through effective assurance and management, along with appropriate technical controls. The session will discuss the evolving nature of the threats and the impact of new technological development such as the IoT on cloud security.

  • Analyse the evolution of the cloud threat landscape and pinpoint the risks to your organisation
  • Understand how to manage a hybrid model as you migrate data to the cloud
  • Learn how to articulate the pros and cons of cloud security to senior management to get buy-in
  • Evaluate the role of automation in security controls for the cloud
  • Understand the cloud providers role in security under EU GDPR

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