Building on success of previous CSA events in Slovenia, we are delighted to announce the 5th CSA Summit for CEE. The Summit will provide practical solutions for managing the transition to the cloud, and implementing security as a key component, rather than an afterthought, of this transition. It will provide insight into models and architectures, the controls and real ‘nuts and bolts’ of what must be done to secure cloud computing.

With the advent of cloud computing, the delivery of ICT services is going through a fundamental change. In 2020 IDC’s baseline scenario shows the total cloud market to be worth some €44.8bn (€32.7bn for the Public Cloud and €12.06bn for the Private). Use of cloud computing is increasing across all economic sectors. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Europe’s economy. They represent 99% of all businesses in the EU. In the past five years, they have created around 85% of new jobs and provided two-thirds of the total private sector employment in the EU.

The European Commission considers SMEs and entrepreneurship as key to ensuring economic growth, innovation, job creation, and social integration in the EU. The business value is rapidly gaining credit through the best practices provided by the increasing number of CEE implementations while traditional concerns around security and control are becoming less prevalent. CSA is delighted to help address the risks, benefits and challenges the CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and Security Architects are facing on the path of the transition to the cloud.

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