The world is in the cloud. But, while the cloud has become a mainstream choice for the delivery of applications, services and infrastructure, cybersecurity has remained a concern. Reports of security breaches and cyber attacks at major companies are commonplace. The assessment is that the you’ve been breached, you just don’t know it yet. In this environment, companies are worried about protecting against data loss, the privacy of data and preventing breaches, but the cloud requires specialized skills, unique tools and new policies to ensure that a company stays secure in the age of disruption.

The Cloud Security Summit will address the major themes that senior level security professionals need to address to ensure they can protect their organization from a whole host of threats enabled by the cloud –- state sponsored attacks, ransomware, DDoS via IoT–- along with the issues you need to deal with from using the cloud, staying compliant with regulations/laws, as the CSPs and SaaS service providers continuously update and evolve their offerings and technology.

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